TAG Front Sprocket 14T

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Front Sprocket TAG Beta 250RR 300RR 350RR 390RR 400RR 430RR 480RR 13-20 KTM 125SX 250SX 150SX 200SX 360SX 380SX 400SX 250SXF 350SXF 450SXF 505SXF 520SXF 525SXF 125XCW 150XCW 200XCW 250XCW 300XCW 450XCW 150XC 250XC 250XCF 350XCF 450XCF 505XCF 250XCFW 350XCFW 400XCFW 525XCFW 530XCFW 125EXC 200EXC 250EXC 8 300EXC 360EXC 400EXC 250EXCF 350EXCF 450EXCF 500EXCF 525EXCF 530EXCF 89-20 250EXC TPi 300EXC Tpi 18-20 Husaberg TE125 TE250 TE300 11-14 FE250 FE350 FE501 13-14 FE390 10-12 FE450 04-14 FE570 09-11 FE650 05-08 Husqvarna TC125 TC250 FC250 FC350 FC450 TE125 FE250 FE350 FE450 FE501 14-20 TE250 TE300 14-08 TE250i TE300i 18-20 TX125 TX300 FX350 FX450 17-20 TE150 18-19 TE150i 2020 14T

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